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I'm Paula, a self-taught baker from New Jersey who's madly in love with chocolate. I rather cut off my arm than never eat chocolate again. I grew up dipping chocolate chip cookies in coffee for breakfast. When I was little, my mom told me everything tasted like chocolate so I'd eat something besides actual chocolate. Chocolate is my life.

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19 September 11

Cinnamon dolce // Starbucks

I bought my first hot drink of the season the other day at Starbucks. It was my usual - Caffe Mocha - just not iced like I prefer. It was really cold over here in NJ. I forgot how bland the drink tastes when it’s hot. I can taste every last bit of espresso when it’s iced, but when it’s hot, I have to add a ton of cocoa powder. But this weekend was for new discoveries…

Standing next to the cocoa powder was a new addition (new to me since I barely ever go to Starbucks). A concoction called “cinnamon dolce”. What could this be? I love the taste of cinnamon, especially in the fall, so I threw some into my drink. It’s cinnamon sugar! They just gave it a fancy name, because, well, it’s Starbucks. (Their “tall” is a “small”, people.) And what’s better than espresso, chocolate and cinnamon? NOTHING.

My boyfriend ordered a Vanilla Latte and right after ordering it, realized he wanted a Cinnamon Dolce latte, but he already paid and it was more expensive. I told him to add the cinnamon dolce powder to his latte and it was basically the same drink. Hello! I’m a Starbucksinista. Talk about cost-effective and delicious.

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