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I'm Paula, a self-taught baker from New Jersey who's madly in love with chocolate. I rather cut off my arm than never eat chocolate again. I grew up dipping chocolate chip cookies in coffee for breakfast. When I was little, my mom told me everything tasted like chocolate so I'd eat something besides actual chocolate. Chocolate is my life.

This is where I test and create delicious dessert recipes (that almost always contain chocolate). Enjoy!


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22 November 11

Twelve Days of Christmas

Sometimes I need to set a goal for myself in order to accomplish a task. I wish I could just say what I want to do and just do it, but life gets in the way, and it doesn’t always happen.

Christi from Love From The Oven, a fantastic baking website that gives you step-by-step photo instruction for delicious recipes (a huge plus in my book), gave me a great idea to do my own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Christi’s TDOC will focus on baking along with great packaging tips and awesome giveaways.

For my version of the TDOC, I’ll bake a minimum of twelve holiday treats leading up to Christmas. That averages out to three desserts per week. The chocolate peppermint cookies I baked recently don’t count because that would just be way too easy.

I’m currently on the hunt for twelve amazing holiday recipes. I’ll post them as soon as I find them. Feel free to create your own TDOC!

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